Our Mission: To promote patriotism by encouraging elected officials to “Vote Yes” to legally display our congressionally approved national motto IN GOD WE TRUST in every City, County Chamber, and State Capitol in America.

NEW total of 673 Victories across AMERICA.

THE HISTORY of In God We Trust ~ America

Jacquie Sullivan’s efforts to publicly post our national motto in government facilities dates back to 2001. While working in her home/office and listening to the news on a Christian radio station, Jacquie heard about a small group on the East Coast that was protesting the words “In God We Trust” that were posted on a public building. She was offended that they were offended. She instantly felt a defiant determination to push back against those who seemed driven to remove God’s name from the public life of our country. “Fine,” she said to herself, “if they are going to work to take our motto down, I am going work to put it up.” Jacquie knew that in city government it only takes one more “Yes” vote than a “No” vote for a decision to be made and an action to be taken. She resolved to rally the support of her fellow council members to vote “Yes” to display “In God We Trust” in the council chambers of the Bakersfield City Hall. The issue was placed on the council agenda, and on February 20, 2002, the Bakersfield City Council, in the 11th largest city in California—became the first city in the nation in recent years to vote “Yes” to proudly and prominently display America’s national motto at city hall. Since that historic vote, Sullivan initiated a non-profit organization in November of 2004, under the name of

In God We Trust – America, Inc. Sullivan and her volunteers continue to email the informative and inspiring packet to elected officials in cities and towns across America. They are delighted and encouraged to see the growing number of cities voting “Yes” to display the national motto in their City Halls. By doing so, the elected officials are showing a commitment to the values our country was founded upon.